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Chauvet Outcast 2X Wash

IP-65 Rated Moving Wash Light!

2 Brothers Lighting LLC


2 Brothers Lighting is a life long passion for lighting the entertainment industry. Our goal at 2BL is to bring the latest and greatest lighting equipment to the Austin entertainment scene. 

How do we differ from the rest?

Our goal is to provide lighting to the existing production infrastructure that exists in Austin. Bringing incredible LED technology at reasonable prices.

How do we manage this?

We are a rental house - our goal is not production. Our goal is to support production. In keeping overhead down, we can invest in the latest and greatest technology the industry has to offer, and support local production companies when they really need to impress their clients. 

Why is this something Austin NEEDS?

As the tech. industry continues flowing into Austin, and the population continues to explode - more and more events are being held in Austin. By being strictly a rental house, we can ensure that when your production company is out of equipment, we have some on the shelf ready and waiting for you!

Our gear is cleaned, tested and fully inspected before and after every rental to ensure it works properly every time.

Daniel Farrar - Founder


2 Brothers Lighting has over 15 years of experience in entertainment lighting. From gaffing services in film lighting to live event production, we can help with any project you have in mind! Our experience ranges from Universal Studios Hollywood, to Indie films, weddings and concerts. No matter your project, we are here to help!

About Us

2 Brothers Lighting as an Austin Based LED lighting rental and film production company. Using my Bachelor's Degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown Texas in 2009 in Lighting Design and Technology, our wide range of lighting experience and our passion for LED Lighting and Film lighting will bring your project to life.

LED Lighting Rentals

Our goal is to bring the latest and greatest LED Lighting to your project. From film lighting rentals and accessories, our rental inventory is sure to suit your needs. From the fully pixelmapping, battery operated Titan Tubes to the Rain Proof Creamsource Vortex 8, LEDs are the new ruler of lighting!

Gaffing Services

Need Gaffing or Grip services for your project? Look no further! With our ever expanding inventory of Film Lighting and LED lighting, we have the gear - and the local Austin contacts to make sure you have the gear, and the Gaffer your project needs!

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