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Since we were kids, Everette and I (Daniel) have always tried to one-up each other. Who can ride bikes the fastest, who can play games better, who can get a better job. But now, we have decided to team up, and one-up our competition. With Daniel's 15+ years of industry experience, and Everette's executive knowledge, we have become a united team to bring you the best product possible. With experience working with some of the industry's top names, including Universal Studios Hollywood, FOX, CBS, and many more - we aim to bring you top of the line service using the industry's latest and greatest equipment.

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Professional History

Past Positions

Operations Manager

2018 - 2021

As operations Manager at Premier Lighting in Los Angeles, CA - my job included running a multi-million dollar lighting rental and production warehouse, managing the crew, and ensuring the quality of the equipment was in top shape for every client. Learning the ins and outs of the managerial side of the lighting industry.

Operations and Project Manager


Radiance Lightworks provided incredible opportunity for me to stretch my legs in leading large projects, as well as learn the entire gambit of helping run a small business. With a full-time staff of 4, the team ran huge projects such as Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Managing crews of up to 50 people, coordinating rental gear, truck drop-offs, and the implementation of multi-locational installs on a very tight timeline.

Head of Electronics Department


Working at 4Wall Entertainment as the Head of Electronics provided incredible opportunity to learn every facet of the highest end technology in the lighting industry. From GrandMA, Hog, ETC consoles to Sensor Racks and multi-network lighting systems, my knowledge in cutting edge technology was put to excellent use.

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